Starter fermenting kit with Airlock Device


Start fermenting your own food today

Make your own fermented foods and reap the health benefits of 'good', gut-friendly bacteria. For centuries, different cultures have enjoyed the benefits of fermented food, with saukerkart, kimchi, pickles and preserved fruit and vegetables. 

 This fermenting starter kit includes an airlock lid which allows gases to escape from your fermentation, while keeping oxygen out. This greatly reduces the risk of harmful yeasts and mould. The airlock lid comes with a wide mouth, BPA free plastic lid, airlock device, silicone grommet and silicone seal.


  • Airlock device with silicone grommet and seal.
  • One litre Mason glass jar.
  • Additional storage cap - for keeping your preserve fresh in the cupboard or fridge.
  • A Weck, lead-free glass weight for keeping your preserve submerged under the brine.