Mad Millie Kefir Milk Kit 6 litres

Make your own kefir milk and enjoy the benefits of gut-friendly bacteria. This fermented, probiotic drink originated in Turkey and contains beneficial bacteria including:

  •   Lactobacillus.
  •  Lactococcus.
  • Leuceonostoc.. 

This kit comes with everything you need to get started with making your own kefir milk. The starter culture sachets will make up to 6 litres of milk

What does kefir milk taste like?

It has a similar taste to yoghurt, with a slightly tangy flavour. You can drink it as a milk drink or put it on top of your breakfast cereal. Make a nutritious, probiotic smoothie. Ingredients Whey powder, lyophilised kefir culture.

This kit contains

  • One litre glass jar.
  • Cheese cloth
  • Stainless steel mixing ball
  • Packet of kefir starter culture which makes 6 litres of kefir milk.
  • Instructions. 

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