Durand Kombucha Jar 5 or 9 Litres Turquoise


Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink that contains good 'gut friendly' bacteria.

These stunning jars are handmade on a potter's wheel and are non-toxic, lead free and BPA free. Made from Australian sourced organic stoneware clay, it comes with an Australian made tap and handmade fitted cover. 

Why is stoneware ideal for brewing kombucha?

The benefit of using stoneware is that it protects your brew from direct sunlight. The BPA free tap allows you to have a continuous fermentation brew of kombucha. You simply top up with new tea as you go.

The ceramic material keeps your brew warm and speeds up the fermentation process.


The 5 litre crock holds approximately 4 litres of kombucha, with ample head space for your growing SCOBY. Using the continuous brew method, this should yield up to 1 litre per day.

Dimensions: Approximately 22cm height and 22cm wide. 



The 9 litre crock holds approximately 8 litres of kombucha, and also allows enough head space for your SCOBY. This should yield up to 2 litres per day.

Dimensions: Approximately 27cm height and 22cm wide. 

Both sizes come with a specially designed cotton cover that protects your brew from insects and dust.