Durand Kombucha Jar 5 Litre White


Kombucha is a delicious and healthy fermented probiotic drink that contains beneficial 'gut friendly' bacteria.

Handmade in Australia, these beautiful jars are non-toxic, BPA free and lead free. Made from Australian stoneware organic clay and with an Australian made tap, it comes with a handmade fitted cover. The cover protects your brew from insects or bugs. 

The white colour makes a visually attractive addition to your kitchen decor. 

Why is stoneware ideal for brewing kombucha?

Stoneware protects your brew from direct sunlight and keeps it warm, speeding up the fermentation process. With a plastic tap, you can have a continuous brew of kombucha and top it up with new tea as needed. 

The 5 litre jar is designed to hold 4 litres of kombucha. The additional space gives you enough room for your SCOBY to grow and float to the top of the jar.  Height: approximately 200 mm and width: approximately 200 mm.