Kefir Making Kit with Straining Lid


Make healthy kefir milk 

This kit comes with everything you need to make fermented, probiotic drinks at home. 

Kefir contains beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It has been consumed by people in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia for hundreds of years. Research has shown that it helps to maintain the good bacteria in your gut.  

    What does kefir milk taste like?

    It has a similar taste to yoghurt, with a slightly tangy flavour. You can use it as a milk drink or put it on top of your breakfast cereal. Make a nutritious, probiotic smoothie. 

    With this kit, you can choose between a maintenance free dried kefir starter culture or fresh grains.

    Freeze dried starter culture

    Are you busy and have little time to maintain fresh milk kefir grains? The freeze dried starter culture is ideal for you. It offers the same benefits of fresh grains but can be stored in your freezer for long term use.

    The starter culture sachets will make up to 100 litres of milk.

    Fresh milk kefir grains

    Fresh grains are easy to use and can last a lifetime. A small amount of effort gives you a daily supply of healthy milk drinks. 

    How do I use fresh grains?
    • Add one cup of milk into a glass jar and your starter culture grains.
    • Cover the jar with the piece of hemp fabric and rubber band. 
    • Leave on your kitchen bench for 24-48 hours. 
    • Strain the milk from the grain, using the straining lid provided. 
    • Drink the milk and reuse your grains.

    Your fermented drink is ready when it looks and tastes like drinking yoghurt. It will have a tangy and slightly sour flavour. 

    This kit contains
    • Two x one litre glass jars.
    • Two x straining lids which can be used for kefir milk and sprouting purposes.
    • A piece of washable hemp fabric. 
    • A packet of kefir starter culture which makes 100 litres of kefir milk or fresh grains. 
    • Instructions. 


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