Fermenting Crock White 3 litres Mad Millie

Make your own sauerkraut and enjoy the delicious flavour of homemade fermented foods.

Nearly all cultures have a long tradition of fermenting foods. Whether it's sauerkraut, pickles or kimchi, these cultures would stock up on veggies in season and preserve their harvest during the winter months.

The fermentation process creates a powerhouse of gut-friendly, probiotic bacteria.

The Mad Millie 3 litre fermenting crock combines the best elements of a traditional crock - including a solid build, heavy clay weights and water moat - with a modern and minimal design. The white crock is a stylish and elegant addition to any kitchen. 

Leave your crock on display on your kitchen bench. The traditional crock is perfect for a 'set and forget' fermentation (and it will look great on display in your kitchen!)

How many cabbages will fit into the Mad Millie crock?

The 3 litre size fits two medium cabbages. 

A surcharge may apply for delivery to Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia. Please contact us for details. Bulky item cannot be sent to PO Boxes. 

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