Weck Fermenting Jar 1.5 Litre Kit

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From sauerkraut to kimchi, to pickles and preserved vegetables, cultures from around the world have a rich tradition of fermenting foods.

Fermentation makes food easier to digest and adds good gut-friendly bacteria to your system. Add a probiotic powerhouse to your diet with these healthy foods.

Buy fruit and vegetables in season and save money. Have fun making traditional foods. Find out how much tastier food can be when it is fermented. 

These Weck glass jars are made in Germany and are BPA and rust free. This high quality kit includes: 

  • 1.5 litre Weck jar.
  • Glass dunking weight.
  • Grommet, seal, clamps and airlock. 

What does an airlock do?

    An airlock keeps oxygen and carbon dioxide out of your fermentation. This protects your food from harmful gases, bacteria or mould. 

    Join the probiotic revolution and start fermenting foods today!

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