Durand Kombucha Jar 9 Litres Sapphire Blue


Over the past three decades, Durand has created some of the best fermenting and kombucha crocks in Australia. These crocks are lovingly handmade on a potter's wheel on the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Featuring a high-quality gloss finish and vibrant blue colour, a Durand brewing pot will look good on your kitchen bench. A ceramic pot conceals the 'unsightly' look of your SCOBY and keeps sunlight out of your brew. The heavy, stone fired walls of the pot keep your brew warm.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient fermented probiotic beverage that has a similar taste to apple cider vinegar. It is made of black tea and sugar, and it is brewed until it tastes not too sweet and not too vinegary.  

This effervescent drink can be flavoured with fruit and botanicals - everything from ginger to hibiscus, juniper berries or lemon myrtle. You can be creative with your brew, and mix flavours that suit your taste.

Continuous Brew Method

The continuous brew method gives you a continual supply of kombucha 'on-tap'. Instead of waiting for over 7 days for a new brew to be ready, you can top it up with black tea and sugar.

  •  5 litres - designed to brew up to 4 litres, producing approximately 1-litre of continuous brew per day. 
  • 9 litres - designed to brew up to 8 litres, producing approximately 2-litres of continuous brew per day.

Product Specifications

  • Lead free and non-toxic.
  • BPA free, food safe, Australian made plastic tap.
  • Comes with a handmade fitted cotton cover to protect your brew from insects and dust.
  • Made of high fired, stoneware clay.
  • 5 litre: Approx. 23cm height and 22cm width.
  • 9 litre: Approx. 27 cm height and 22cm width.